You forswear life, love, my lips
clinging to loneliness because of your fear to suffer
you think you can fool me, that I dont know that you miss me,
that I believe when you pretend not to think of me anymore.

We have hurt each other over these years
and we have mutilated our need to love,
neither all this years nor all this disillusionment
have managed to remove my feelings for you.

You look into my eyes and you believe Im lying
that I have never loved you or cried for you
your lack of confidence blur your senses
you hurt yourself and you are hurting me.

Your doubts and your fears are killing my dreams
I wake up sad and lonely because you are not here with me
you cried in my arms asking for consolation
and now that you have gived up, who will console me?

You forswear life, love, my lips
but you still cry in silence when you think about me
your cowardice condemned me to lose you
and now you have realized: you have condemned yourself.

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C.A.H.D. dijo...

Hola M.M.C.M.

Quiero felicitarte antes que todos por complacer a un lector. =)

Agradezco tu atención tanto a la pagina como a los lectores, sigue así y te mando un cordial saludo y un enorme abrazo.

Felicidades ^^

Gentle Lunatic dijo...

Hola Carlitos, saludos!