I'm just going to listen to you
there is nothing left to say
Yesterday, I yelled out your name so loud
that it deafened my senses
and I couldn't hear you say goodbye
that goodbye that you use to say between whispers
wishing to not be heard
in the same way as when you ask me to stay beside you for ever.
Before I closed my eyes I read from your lips the blasphemy of your love
You claim me as yours and declare yourself to the world,
slave of your dreams, prisoner of your freedom,
owner of my desires and of my will.
I can't travel in your dreams eternally
float, the words float
making an echo in the hollow of my heart.
I have to leave, soon, I have to leave
otherwise, I won't ever leave you.
My lips open to say goodbye,my lips,
treacherous lips, they shut and kiss you,
I'm just going to love you
there is nothing else left to do,
the goodbye will come later, the goodbye
between whispers and deafened senses
you have bended my will.

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